Team DRC

The DRC Training Program a 14 – 23 week affordable training program to help runners and run/walkers complete the half and full marathon distances in a fun, social, non-competitive atmosphere. We want to motivate and encourage runners to complete the training and get to the starting line injury-free. Group runs help participants stay accountable to their program. Not up to the challenge of running a half or full marathon? Not to fear, we also have both a designated run/walk program and a Beginner & Intermediate training group.

This training program is only available to DRC members. If you would like to become a member, which also includes 8 free races a year, for only $40/year, click here. Participants receive a detailed on-line training schedule, training and racing advice from experienced coaches and organized runs with your pace group every Saturday morning and Tuesday night. Runs will begin at the DRC clubhouse or within a few miles of the clubhouse. Routes will vary depending on distance and start location. Generally, our half marathon pace groups range from 1:40 to 2:30+ goal times and our full marathon groups range from 3:00 to 5:00+ goal race times. We have dedicated run/walk groups as well for the half marathon distance and an entirely new transition group to assist in going from run/walk to run. Saturday runs will start at 7 am in the Spring, 6 am in the Summer and Fall, and Tuesday runs will start at 7 pm. We run in all types of weather unless the safety of the runners may be in jeopardy (such as lightning or tornadoes).

Training Seasons

In general, DRC has 2 training seasons: Fall and Spring.  The Fall season registration opens in mid-April, with the first official run in July.  There are 2 registration options: 1)Training + DRC Half bundle – $85*  2) Training only – $65*.  The Spring season registration opens in December with the first official training run in January.  Due to the shorter length of the season, the Spring session cost is reduced to only $45*  To fill the gap between Spring and Fall season, DRC also offers “The Bridge” program.  This is a 8-10 week session that is designed to help runners maintain their base fitness during the summer months.  Cost for this session is $15* with an option to join a more structured 25/50k training group for $25*.  This group will be training for the El Scorch 50k and La Scorchita 25k.

* Pricing applies to Normal registration.  Late registrants will pay a higher fee.

Program Benefits

Participants will receive the following benefits:

  • Training Schedule (written by RRCA certified coaches)
  • DRC Training Program swag
  • Organized long runs with your pace group every Saturday morning (7 am in the Spring and 6 am in the Summer & Fall)
  • Organized runs with your pace group every Tuesday night (7 pm)

Program Goal Races

The primary goal races for the training program will be the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon in the Spring and the Dallas Marathon and Half Marathon in the Fall. Additionally, those runners planning to run other races  will have the opportunity to join our groups and add additional mileage as needed to prepare for their particular goal race(s). Please note that these additional miles are not a formal part of the total run, but are generally groups of people training for the various races that will run together for their additional mileage.

Program Requirements/Guidelines

If you are asking yourself if you are ready to tackle a half or full marathon, please refer to these guidelines. These are specific for our training program to make sure you are established enough in your exercise routine to tackle your goal while not compromising your health.

Half marathon training: at program start, participants should already be able to complete a 4-6 mile run or and are running at least 30 minutes a couple times a week. Both newer and veteran runners are welcome as long as they meet these general guidelines.

Full marathon training: at program start, participants should already be able to complete a 9 mile run and should be running at least 3 times per week. The marathon program is NOT intended for new runners or runners that have not been running consistently.

Please consult your doctor before starting any new training program. By signing up for this program you agree to participate in this program at your own risk. DRC is not responsible for any health risks you may incur.

Pace Groups

For our half and full marathon programs, we have found that the best way to determine proper training pace to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury is to base it from a recent race or time trial you have run (see time trial information here). Pace groups will be created to match runners and run/walkers with similar race times. For those participants that do not have a recent race or time trial time to provide, we will match you to the best group possible. Participants may change groups during the season with the Director’s approval, particularly when subsequent, qualifying race times are improved. There will always be some flexibility in the pace groups. Our pace groups are led by DRC members that volunteer their time to motivate and help prepare training program participants to achieve their goals. If you are an experienced runner or run/walker and would be interested in volunteering to help, please e-mail the training program director at to learn more about being a pace group leader.


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